Portable Far Infrared Sauna

Portable Far Infrared Sauna w/Active Carbon Fibers

A Portable FIR Sauna Solution

The Rainbow is designed to suit various postures with its lightweight and self-standing rnb-smalldome design. It can be your personalized heat therapist. You can take it anywhere. Enjoy the powerful MPS carbon fiber far-infrared therapy anytime,anywhere.

Localized Treatment

As a pioneer of carbon fiber far-infrared technology, MPS has found that a localized far-infrared treatment is as important as the whole-body treatment. In the past, we have learned that a localized treatment supplements whole-body treatment, therefore, both treatments are needed in order to achieve more complete results. Since a localized treatment does not involve perspiration, the user can extend the period of use. This allows the far-infrared to reach the deepest core of the problem areas.

A Different Kind of Heater

The Rainbow can be also used as a portable heater. In fact, it is the safest heater especially for young children because it is safe to touch with its ultra-thin Active Carbon Fibers™. Without involving any sound, flame, or heated air circulation, the Rainbow is the most pleasant personal heater. When used under a blanket, this small unit can let you enjoy a whole-body sauna as well.

Warmth delivered by Active Carbon Fibers

cat16MPS is different from other far-infrared heating devices, which commonly use linear heating coils embedded within thermally conductive materials. Pure Far-infrared by Active Carbon Fibers™ delivers ultimate soothing warmth throughout your entire body. Each carbon fiber emits bio-genetic waves of far-infrared across most of the internal arch surface of the dome as it gets excited with an electric current. It feels soft, relaxing, pleasant, and refreshing, which you might not have experienced from any other heat source yet.

Proven safety

Active Carbon Fibers™ have been used in hundreds of luxury commercial saunas remote11internationally during last 5 years. Among more than 20,000 Active Carbon Fibers™ that have been running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, there has not been even a single failure or maintenance issue so far. And all of the original Active Carbon Fibers¢â are running today with new ones added continuously.

Expert consultation

Learning how to use a far-infrared product is as important as choosing a good one. MPS’ accumulated knowledge will let you experience the optimal benefits of far-infrared. Knowledgeable medical doctors, scientists, and industry experts who have been using and researching MPS products for multiple years combined will let you go through continuous education process to make sure the best results. Please register to become a member and enjoy the full and rich access to the pool of knowledge.

Product specification

Box Dimention:
26x14x20 (inches)

Net Weight | Gross Weight(Boxed):
18 lbs.
$1199.00 + $50 shipping in the US