RHACE: Radiant Heat Active Cardio Exercise

Weight Loss & Fitness Breakthrough: This Brings the Heated Workout To The Next Level!

RHACE: Radiant Heat Active Cardio ExerciseFar Infrared Saunas have become the standard for rapid detox as they are known to help shed toxins out of the skin much more efficiently than a standard sauna. They are helping thousands of people regain their health with optimized sweating.

Now you can take that to the next level with a short active cardio exercise INSIDE a Far Infrared Sauna.

The RHACE has begun…

IMG_0010RHACE is a special type of FIR Sauna which is specifically designed so you can put your exercise bike, eliptical or other type of cardio exercise machine right inside. Get the benefits of a FIR Sauna while doing a cardio exercise.

RHACE is a breakthrough in
With a short cardio program inside the RHACE sauna you’ll get rapid weight loss and improved fitness.

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Dimensions: 4′ x 6′ x 7.5′ tall

Price: $8600

Lose weight like boxers in only 2 minutes a day. Rhace is professional grade exercise module that has been proved to help lose weight easiest ever with our Active Carbon Fiber radiant heat technology. Please download our ebook here. If you own a gym or are a personal trainer who are considering adding Rhace to your facility, please download here.